Exploring CEBU, Philippines

Hello there! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my Cebu trip experience last August 2016. I know it’s been a while since the trip but it’s better late than never. Please bear with me, this post is kinda long. But if you find this post really long, there’s a video on the bottom of this post about our Cebu adventure.


Our flight bound to Cebu was last August 19, 2016 12:15 pm PHT. Because of Manila traffic, we arrived in the airport at 12:00 noon, good thing I was able to check-in online beforehand. It literally felt like an amazing race in the airport, we were running around to find our boarding gate. Little did we know, our flight was delayed. We were able to board the plane at estimated 3pm.

This trip was super unplanned, we were “backpackers” – we didn’t book any accommodation or tour, we just went there and let google guide us. We arrived at Lapu-Lapu (Mactan Airport) around 4pm. Of course, as good tourist as we were, we did our research. Upon exiting the airport, there will be taxi drivers who’ll offer you a drive to the city which is around 400 pesos. We refused and rode the myBus bus going to SM City Cebu for only 25 pesos. It was a 40 minute ride from airport to SM City Cebu because the traffic going to the city was seriously unexpected. Upon arriving SM City Cebu, we went a little grocery shopping for our toiletries and snacks.

Around 6pm, we rode a cab going to South Bus terminal, to ride a bus bound to Oslob City. Cab fare was around 100 pesos and it was a 15-20 min. ride. We arrived at the terminal at around 6:30 pm and was able to ride the Oslob Bus (via Ceres Bus) at around 8pm because the line was insanely long and it was kinda difficult since the guards were speaking in bisaya (Cebu language). Bus going to Oslob is 160 pesos and it was a 4 hour ride from the terminal.

We arrived at our Resort at around 12 midnight. My cousin, who was my company as well, booked it because her flight was earlier than ours therefore they arrived in Oslob earlier. We stayed in MB Sunrise View resort. Room good for 4 people was 1700 pesos, if you find it a little pricey, there are so many resorts in Oslob City, you may ask the kind locals to point which one is the cheapest. Of course, upon arriving at the resort, we called it a night since our call time for the next day is early.


Day 2 – woke up extra early for our Whale Shark swimming activity. It is worth 500 pesos per head but if you want to just watch them, they will still charge you 300 pesos, but why watch? Swimming with the whale sharks is one of a kind experience that you will never ever forget. Trust me! Anyway, our resort is near the briefing area which was very convenient for us. The Whale Shark swimming activity includes a boat ride, snorkels, life vest, and a 30 min interaction with the whale sharks. You may think 30 mins is short, but trust me, it is more than enough. Wasn’t able to take photos with the whales because we prioritized our vlogs; we took more videos than photos.

After the activity, we still have so much time before our boat ride to Sumilon Island, so we just had breakfast, took the opportunity to take photos, swim in the beach, and had lunch. There are so many carinderias/eateries around, that will save you money and of course, everything is home cooked which makes your eating experience awesome.


Above photos were taken in this cottage that is overlooking to the beach located in our resort.


After lunch, we rode a 5-10 min. boat ride going to Sumilon Island, it cost the all 4 of us 525 pesos each, inclusive of life vests and snorkels. It was kinda pricey but definitely worth it. I suggest you visit Sumilon on a less rainy season because when we arrived there, there was high tide and rain was pouring down, and we weren’t able to enjoy the sand bar but of course, it was fun swimming in the beach while it was raining, we also get to enjoy snorkeling, and we took lots of pictures (as seen above). We decided to leave Sumilon at 4pm, then we ate miryenda (snack), upon arrival to the Oslob shore. Food was great and the locals were really hospitable and friendly that’s why we weren’t able to track our time.

When we arrived in our resort, our contact informed us that the last bus trip going to Bato Cebu already left which made us feel, “what now?”. So we immediately packed our stuff and left the resort without taking a bath – we swam with the whales, swam in the Sumilon beach, just imagine how rough our hair was, how salty we smell, but it was really an adventure.

We waiting for a bus outside our resort, either it’s going to Bato or Carcar (carcar route going to Badian is really far). Thankfully, the Lord answered our prayers and we were able to ride a bus going to Bato at around 6:40 pm – good thing, our resort contact was wrong. The bus ride going to Bato was around 100 pesos and it was a 1-½ hour ride. Once we reached the Bato bus terminal, we rode another Ceres bus, going to Badian. Then again, we were so lucky because the bus we were going to ride bound for Badian was the last trip bus. It was around 60 pesos, cheaper because we rode an ordinary bus (bus that is not air-conditioned) and it was a 2 hour ride.

We arrived at Badian at 9pm. Take note, we don’t have any accommodations or tour packages for this trip. Everything was spontaneous and we just trusted the locals. We were greeted by a friendly local tour guide and offered us a tour package. It was already 9pm and we accepted his offer immediately. He offered us a canyoneering package of 1000 pesos each which was such a steal since upon research, tour agencies charge 1500 pesos per person in a group of 4. From the bus stop, we had a 15-minute walk going to the Kawasan falls and to our resort. They charged us 2500 pesos for an air-conditioned room good for 4 people. It was seriously pricey but what else can we do? It was the only room left and it was already late at night and we have no idea where else to go.

On a side note, we were all hungry. But thankfully, our kind tour guides offered us a ride on their motorcycles going to the nearest convenience store which was a 20-30 mins ride at 40 km/hour LOL! We had 711 rice bowls for dinner and since it was during a rainy season, we headed back to our resort, on a motorcycle, with a heavy rain fall. It was so scary but again, it was really an adventure.


Day 3 – we also had an early call time for our 3rd day. Lately did we realized that the 2500 peso room was definitely worth the price. We checked our window and our view was the beautiful Kawasan Falls. Seriously guys, the water is really that radiant. It was so clean, so beautiful. Again, we didn’t had much photos during our Canyoneering activity but you may see it in the video i posted below. It was such an experience! As an anti extreme activities person, I can believe I was able to conquer this! We started 7am, ended at around 12 nn – Just in time for lunch and pack up.


We left the falls resort at around 2pm and we were supposed to wait for a bus bound to Cebu City. Unfortunately, the buses passing by were full and we can’t afford to stand in the bus for 3 hours with our heavy baggages. So instead, a very kind tricycle driver offered us a ride going to Moalboal for 200 pesos and from there we can ride a UV Express going to Cebu City. The tricycle ride was a 30-40 mins ride at 20 km/h. The UV Express Van was 100 pesos each and it was a 2-3 hours ride. We reached the city by 5pm and called the rest of the day our free day. We got to experience the Cebu Night Life at Mango Avenue. It was really different to what we were used to back in Manila. Also, we got to try the famous Zubuchon, their Lechon Belly was the bomb!

Day 4 – We woke up 10 am because we really got tired from our night out. We eventually went to the Danggit market to buy our pasalubong (wasn’t able to take a picture or video of that because we were too busy shopping) and on our way to the market, we met a really nice taxi driver who offered us a city tour costing 2000 pesos and it includes the ride going to the airport. After that, we went straight to Larsians to have our lunch. We went back to our airbnb and freshen up and pack our things. Our taxi driver picked us up at around 3pm and that’s when the city tour begins.


Our first stop was the Fort Santiago, basically it was like the Intramuros of Manila in Cebu. Second stop was the magellan’s cross and followed by the Basilica de Sto. Nino. We weren’t able to visit the other tourist spots like Temple of Liyah, Tops, and etc. due to our little time. We headed to Rico’s lechon to have our final dinner in Cebu City. Again, it was such an experience.

Our driver drove us to the airport but because of Cebu traffic, we missed our flight. It was a shocking news that our Cebu Pacific flight was not delayed. Since I had already checked in our booking, we were forced to buy new flight tickets going home to Manila. My boyfriend and I were able to book an early morning Air Asia flight and since we didn’t want to spend the night in the airport, we booked an airbnb. Our flight the next day 7 in the morning.

And that’s it. If you were able to read everything and I thank you so much for baring with me. I hope you get tips for your Cebu trip and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask and please let me know what you think. 🙂

Watch the video in the link below for the summary of our Cebu Trip. Whale shark watching and canyoneering highlight are all in there.



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