Tricia x TRESemme: Salon At Home – The Bridal Shower


Last September 20, 2016, out of hundreds of entries, I was beyond lucky to be included in the list of 20 attendees to the much awaited Bridal Shower for the bride-to-be blogger, Tricia Gosingtian that happened last September 28, 2016.



It’s a very fun-filled event, an event where every Tricia Gosingtian fan would dream of attending. Not to mention, we all learned techniques to take care of hair and make it Salon smooth gorgeous. The event was hosted by the adorable Crissey Si and Farrah Espina – best friends of the bride-to-be.


Everyone looked so pretty and happy. Now what’s a Bridal shower without games? We were divided to 3 groups and I belong to the Towers group – we named our group “towers” since most of member there were tall (and we’re all in heels, of course). We got to redo a hairstyle using TRESmme products and design a wedding gown out of random things in the venue. Our creative juices where really flowing.

dscf1426Tricia judging the Hair styling game
(L-R: Towers Team, Slay Team, Tricia’s Angels)

The groups showing off their wedding gown designs
(L-R: Towers Team, Tricia’s Angel, Slay Team)


After the fun games, of course there’s the Q&A/ Message giving segment. It is so adorable that Tricia was shedding tears of joy. It made me feel really blessed to be a part of this event and grateful knowing that I’m one of the reasons why Tricia will never forget her Bridal shower. This is also a funny segment where her best friends, gave her heartfelt messages to her as well. We also learned so much from her, from how we should just be ourselves and enjoy what we are passionate to do.

Finally, the night has come to end. We wrapped everything up by taking numerous photos with the team and with Tricia of course!


Towers Team! (L-R: Henzel, Tin, Marga, Tricia, Me, Kathleen, and Nelsie)

What I love about this event the most is that I get to keep new friends. These girls are awesome, I swear. We even got to have our very own group chat on facebook messenger to keep us in touch with each other. During the talk session, Farrah informed us that Tricia connects people and she was right about that. I won’t be able to meet this girls without this event and I’m very grateful for it.


I’m just so happy to be apart of this event. Like Tricia, I will never forget this day as well. It was all worth it, even tho we stayed up to 10pm on a weekday, it was definitely worth it.

I apologies for the few photos during the event, we weren’t actually allowed to take photos all the time because the whole event was being filmed. Please see some parts of the event thru this link (Tricia’s Tresemme Event Video). I can’t wait to share my next events in my next posts. Let me know what you think through the comment section below and don’t forget to #ControlYourFrizz everyday with #TRESemmeKeratinSmooth. See you in my next post!



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