10 things you should leave in 2016

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2016 provided us with lots of explosions. It was a roller coaster ride with lots of loops and bumps.  Not really a continuous fun ride, but indeed a memorable one wherein we can learn a lot from. Lots of emotions were let out, unheard opinions, and unfortunate events, but hey, 2017 is just around the corner. You can totally make your 2017 roller coaster ride, a lot different. To turn that life around, here are 10 things you should leave in 2016:

  1. Learn to let go of the thoughts that haunt you at night or when you are alone telling you that you will never be good enough because there will always be people pointing out your mistakes and what you need to do is to keep your head up and prove them that they are wrong.
  2. Say goodbye to the thought of you knowing what you should do with your life. Although it is okay to set goals, but at a young age, you should explore more. Be open to opportunities and you need to learn to live spontaneously. Life in unpredictable and you really do not know what will happen and that’s okay because that is how it’s supposed to be.
  3. Stop body shaming yourself. You need to accept the fact that it will always be 100% okay to be skinny, or curvy, or average. There is also no harm in wanting to have a healthier body or be confident about your curves but also, know that you are a human being and you’re not perfect – nobody is. And the point of living is not fixing your imperfections but convincing yourself that there is nothing wrong with you.
  4. Let go of the moments that you feel like you failed yourself or the mistake that you made along the way. These mistakes will allow you learn and it is how you will grow.
  5. Say good bye to your friends who don’t put enough effort in your friendly relationship, to friends who don’t respect your opinions, and to friends who doubted you in achieving your dreams. Let them go, and meet new friends who will always meet you halfway.
  6. Stop believing that you are always right all the time. You are only a human being, you make mistakes, and there will be times where you will be wrong and that’s okay – also you need to accept that you are wrong in times as well.
  7. Say goodbye to your fears and worries. Your fears that stopped you from believing, the ones that stopped you from living your life. Be courageous and be confident enough to tell yourself that you will try again.
  8. Stop the negativity, stop doubting yourself, stop letting yourself that you don’t deserve love. Start believing yourself and with that, your self confidence will boost as well.
  9. Let go of everything that is toxic – toxic thoughts, toxic things, toxic behaviors, and even toxic people. Focus on the things that matter. Focus on yourself, focus on your family, and focus on delivering happiness and kindness towards other people. Spread love, not hate.
  10. Finally, say goodbye to the difficult moments of 2016 – the bad memories, the sleepless nights, the heartbreak but always take the lesson with you. Say goodbye to believing and saying that 2017 will be the same roller coaster ride and start saying “2017 will bring me the best memories”, “2017 will be my Year” and own it.

Kat ♡


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