20 random facts about myself


Writing this at 1:55 am SGT and I just realized that I haven’t posted something lately. And I thought, it would be pretty nice for you to know a little fun fact or two about me. So without further ado, here’s 20 facts about me:

  1. I actually have 3 names – Katrin Anne Nicole S. Tuaño is my full name.
  2. I am the eldest among 2 siblings and 16 cousins
  3. I am obsessed with dogs. I actually have a pet shih tzu named Kobe.
  4. I’ve been working in the IT/BPO industry for 34 months now. (day job, 2 companies)
  5. My family calls me by my nickname, Kimi.
  6. I love food – always craving for Ramen and Samgyeopsal.
  7. Pink was my favorite color during my teenage years but I’m developing a love for autumn colors and neutrals.
  8. In line with number seven, my favorite season is Autumn. (even though we don’t experience it here in the Philippines. Someday Kat, someday.)
  9. I am a huge High School musical fan, until now!
  10. Obviously, I am a fashion fangirl.
  11. I can’t drive a car but I want to learn!
  12. I always wanted to become a Flight Attendant.
  13. I literally can’t see without my eyeglasses.
  14. I’m also a frustrated fashion designer
  15. I am very much addicted to the game, The Sims.
  16. I am a naturally happy person but;
  17. I have a very short temper.
  18. My number one hobby is sleeping. I can survive a day without eating, just sleeping.
  19. Coffee is life. And lastly;
  20. happily in a relationship with my boyfriend. Been together for almost 3 years now.

And those are 20 random facts about me. It was actually really difficult to enumerate these. Sometimes, I doubt that I really know myself. It is also an amazing feeling to just sit back and reflect about things about yourself. This exercise I did helped me realized that there are things that I want to change about myself for the next years to come, hoping that it will shape me to become a better person. Anyway, I wanna wish you a very happy holidays and I hope that you’re having a meaningful and amazing one!

Let me know what you think through the comment section below or share a random fact about yourself. Til’ my next post!

Kat ♡



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