5 things I learned from Fashion Bloggers


I’ve been a fashion fan girl ever since my mom introduced me to the world of fashion blogs. Yup, my mom reads fashion blogs (she introduced me to Laureen Uy or for all I know she was more hooked with the Filipino Celebrity Gossip Blog, fashionpulis) and she was a food blogger too. Lol. Since then, I am very much hooked up with fashion bloggers. They inspire me a lot and  reading fashion blogs is kinda my way to relieve stress and to kill time.

Here are 5 things I learned from different bloggers:

  1. It is okay to repeat clothes – THIS! Bloggers also repeat clothes and there is seriously nothing wrong with it. You just have to mix and match your items in different combination and style; just let your creativity flow.
  2. Comfort before StyleCamille Co once said in her blog post that when she travels, she always puts comfort first before style. I’m a commuter and this tip is very relevant to me. You should ALWAYS be comfortable in what your wear. Also, there is no way you can stay fresh in a layering outfit when you ride the MRT train.  LOL!
  3. Confidence is the new sexy – How will you carry your style if you’re to shy to flaunt it? Or, do you think other people will think you have an awesome look if you look uncomfortable in it? Just be confident, keep your chin up and always carry yourself with grace and class.
  4. Style is unpredictable – Bloggers experiment too. I noticed that they always try something different from basic to trendy. I also believe that a person can never stick to one genre of styling. Fashion is broad, you just have to keep experimenting as well. Sometimes, I also browse into lookbook and pinterest to look for the latest and trendiest style of the season
  5. Fashion tips really help – Absorb the good reads and lessons from your favorite local or international bloggers. Sometimes even the simplest details help – like how to rock your LBD in a sunny day or how to carry your turban hat in the city. Those tips will have a huge impact in your style. What I love most about fashion bloggers is that they give amazing fashion tips and they serve as fashion inspirations as well.

Did you also learn a significant thing from fashion bloggers too? Let me know!

Kat ♡


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