Katrin Tuaño


Kat is 24 years old and was born and raised in the beautiful island of the Philippines. She’s currently making a living through her regular day job as a Technical Consultant.

She was never interested to share her life in public nor to discuss her interests online. But as she grew up, she continues to adore fashion (and all things random) and allow others to inspire her with their remarkable confidence and influence. She continues to embrace this new line of interest and hope to inspire many as well.

This blog is her tool to express her love for all things random. She uses this blog to document her life, style and a little bit others in between.

Despite her technical side, Kat is just an ordinary yet cheerful young woman. She loves making new friends and she treasures her them and her family a lot. Hopefully, she can inspire you guys to change your thoughts about blogging and bring out the best in yourselves. She would love to hear your thoughts and become her new friend.

Welcome to my blog.